current events

It’s 1:13am and a storm is brewing

The air is extremely thick. Choking, even. The critters are making all sorts of noises perhaps sounding the alarm. One’s face has a special glow with no cited source for the hue. Need to sleep. But here again come the memories. The rain promises to clean up the streets. However, it will litter it up with flying debris. You’re never rid of the garbage. Just gets shaped and shifted and kicked down the road. A storm is brewing. And, there’s no coffee.

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  1. GosH i REally Feel You HeaR You Psychologist Mimi For It’s True At About
    1:13 AM ‘Our Time’ So Exhausted With Little Sleep For Two Days

    On Another RAMPagE Dancing Writing Spree…

    Just So All Fumed Out

    i Fell into A Delirium

    Of Sleep Where

    Eyes Glowed Around

    Our Neighborhood Block

    And Some Creature Was Yelling

    Un-Intelligible Language to me and that’s

    What Some Folks Still Say Hehe When They
    Read my Poetry Anyway Good Fortune With

    Henri As Fred Seemed Kind of Harmless
    At First Yet Not in the Long

    Terms of Flooding

    Rain Yes Grace

    Coming After

    Fred As the
    Story Grows

    Wasn’t too Nice
    in Mexico And Now

    Henri Has Weakened

    Into the Strength of Fred

    Yet It’s True Water is A Most
    Powerful Force on Earth So Yes

    Be The Water FRiEnDS With Gravity

    Balance Comes With Price of Inhaling

    Peace And Exhaling Love Yes Love it or It’s Free

    True You Just Can’t Lose Any Money This Way As



    Great to
    the Last Drop

    of Ocean Whole
    Complete Enough
    LoVE DarK Thru LiGHT
    Waves Dream As You
    BeCoMe Water NoW
    With Best Wishes in New
    York City Accommodating

    YeS Your NeWesT
    Guest Henri NoW

    As Saharan Dust
    Storms May Protect
    Florida From Further Harm
    For A While After This Seasonal
    Full Blue Sturgeon Blue Moon Passes TRuE NoW..:)


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