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What is that in the sky?

There have been so many movies and television shows about the big unknown as to what is out there in the galaxy. Many shows that depict a world where aliens land and chaos ensues. We are still fascinated, as a whole, with Roswell. I’ve been there and it is just a dusty western town. Who knows what truly happened there decades ago.

A newly released U.S. report on unidentified flying objects says 143 sightings since 2004 remain unexplained. It does not rule out alien activity. 153 seems both a small and large number of unexplained sightings since 2004.

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  1. If there are aliens I don’t think we’d ever encounter them. In order to visit earth from the far reaches of the universe you’d need a vehicle that could travel in excess of light speed. And I’m not sure who would be willing to make the trip given the Buck Rogers-type event that would result upon return. Neil de Grasse Tyson has said that if there are aliens they are likely more like The Blob than E.T. That is, a ball of slime that gets here as the result of a meteorite, not some super intelligent human-reptile hybrid with advanced technology. I think the more credible government report for explaining these UFO sightings is the leaked one from 1966 -“The Report from Iron Mountain”, despite being labeled a hoax. One of the strategies discussed for getting the population to rally together and willingly surrender their rights for the greater good, absent a major war, is the threat of an alien invasion. At the time that was deemed to be too unbelievable and that global pollution would be a more credible option. I can’t help but think that there is a connection between COVID essentially running it’s course; a significant resistance among people to giving up beef, air conditioning, and air travel; and the government now releasing information about UFOs.


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