Throwing something out each day

Many moons ago I wrote about a little thing I do when I travel abroad. I tend to leave something behind. I at times take something thsts frayed or near falling apart and let it come to its end on foreign land. For instance, I left my timberland winter boots in Germany. They had served me well and reached it’s end of life, per se. I’m not too sure why I do this. Perhaps another psychologist can analyze me.

Last year, I only took two trips and those were domestic. I can’t quite recall what, since last year had many blurry moments, but I’m sure I did manage to leave something behind.

For this month of June, I’m trying a new take on this habit of mine. I’m throwing something out each day. Something that I haven’t ever used and has no use to others. Or something that jas reached its end of use but I’ve been too distracted to be bothered.

I went dumpster diving in my own building and scored some great stuff. This, in turn, inspired me to restore some sense of order to thr universe by throwing out what needs to be gone.

For instance, I didn’t really need to keep a business card holder I got at a conference years ago. I hate business cards. Good riddance. I also got rid of old data sheets. Doesn’t sound grand. Yet, each day will bring a new thing to discard and help cleanse my world and create space for new opportunities.

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  1. Tradition of What We Own Doesn’t
    Always Allow Us to Grow

    Visiting New


    New Is

    Is Truly

    Never Tradition

    As Tradition iS Old

    Hmm… Yes, Perhaps

    A Secret of GRoWinG Young…

    However Tradition Still Grounds

    For Wings to Return Sacred Totem Indeed of Order

    Chaos True..:)


  2. That is an excellent technique to declutter your life and lower your stress levels. I do that each month and it’s amazing how much calmer you feel when you’re not surrounded with so much stuff.


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