My 2020 invisilgn detour

In February I decided to finally go and do the invisilgn thing. I had seen so many commercials for it and I felt I had the time and funds to do it. I hate going to the dentist. I hate it. I feel crowded over and claustrophobic. I once even wondered which was worse: going to the dentist, obgyn or getting an MRI. It was hard to decide between going to the dentist and getting an MRI. Regardless of my trepidation, I decided early on this year to move forward with Invisilgn (a clear alternative to metal braces).

I got them. They felt tight. Made me want to eat less. Then CoVID hit. I really didn’t want to eat. In the midst of a pandemic, I had this daily ritual of putting something on and off my teeth. It was an odd, surreal feeling to be doing that when wearing a face mask and worrying about touching my face. Then, all dental services were suspended. I was stuck with no new weekly supply for 6 weeks. It again was fantastically surreal.

The changes that were ostensibly being made to my teeth were suspended. Waiting for a pandemic to pass. Then, dental services were allowed to resume and I had to get a whole new fitting. Nothing was anchoring correctly. It got resolved. Yet, today I keep asking myself about how much longer this will all take. It was supposed to have lasted 27 weeks. Half a year. I now still have 18 more weeks. Time doubled and reconfigured. Time was re-played and adjusted. I can only wonder how February 2021 will look like and feel. Hopefully, my mouth will be free.

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  1. MRIs don’t bother me. I just close my eyes and go into a meditative state.

    The dentist really is a PITA. It depends on what you are having done how big of a PITA it is.

    No experience with a gynecologist here (LOL!) but a colonoscopy isn’t very fun.


  2. I have thought about doing Invisalign, but I am sure, much like the many retainers I went through after my braces in my teens, I would surely lose them. How frustrating to have the whole process extended for so much more time. But I am sure it will be well worth it in the end.


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