Give me a reason to call you

For the past few years, cell phones seemed to be primarily used for texting, tweeting, and everything else but talking. Then the year of covid-19 hit and talking on cell phones has made a comeback. All sorts of phone calls are happening again. However, phone etiquette remains abysmally absent.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that of when someone calls and doesn’t leave a message. An even bigger pet peeve is that of when someone does leave a message that is empty- devoid of information. For instance, when someone leaves a message that says “csll me” and nothing else.

Here’s the thing, I need a reason to call you. Don’t just ask or demand that I call you back. Tell me why I should return your call. Tell me what you need from me. Just this past week, I received a phone call and subsequent voicemail. The woman seemed agitated demanding I return her call but never really indicated who she was and why she needed to speak with me. She then texted me annoyed that I hadn’t called her back. Eventually I found out her work affiliation and was able to piece together what wanted. There had been no reason for her not being able to a succint.

Phone etiquette is severely lacking. Hopefully, if people are going to keep using the phone they can learn to use it properly communicating needed information.

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  2. Ugh,I can very much relate to what you’re saying. The same goes for written communication though. People send e-mails like they’re text messages. No introduction, no personal data, nothing. I work in insurances and I think I get an e-mail every other day that says “Hi, am I covered for this and that? Bye”. WHO ARE YOU? What is your policy number? Is it a hypothetical question or did something happen? Like I said, ugh…

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  3. For some reason, people seem incapable of putting themselves in the shoes of the recipient of their messages, because a few second of though would show them that they are 1) not the center of the universe, and 2) you have no clue from their voice or email address who they are.

    We have a rule. Well, two, really: 1) we don’t pick up if we don’t know who it is already (ie, if it’s not in our Contacts), and 2) we might have – IF there had been a voicemail.

    So far I don’t think we’ve missed anything but robocalls and telemarketers.

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  4. Or I pick up the answering service and I hear “Hello?” over and over again to the sound of a call center in the background. Or maybe a gossipy bit of conversation between two agents who don’t realize they are being recorded.


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