Floss before or after?

Sometimes we have a lot of heavy things to ponder and forvehich big decisions are required. For instance, we had to decide whether to send my son into onsite school learning or to do 100% remote. After much thought, we opted to have him do remote learning for the 1st quarter of the school year. I am in healthcare and I go in everyday to the clinic. However, I was not convinced my son should face possible daily exposure. These are not easy days for easy choices.

Today I saw a debate on Facebook that made me smile. I recalled a few years ago, a fellow blogger debated whether to have toilet paper roll up or roll down. Today, several people were debating whether to floss before or after brushing one’s teeth. And, it was a spirited discussion.

Seems like everything these days is up for debate. The differing sides cited medical advice to support their opinion. To me, the sides didn’t matter. The topic was of minor interest. What mattered was the intensity of the conversation. This is what we have become as a society. We debate, with grand vigor, when to floss. One could say that at least it was a health discussion encouraging good habits. Upsides are good things these days. I suppose I should be encouraged.

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