I went back to a delicious New York tradition: Turkey, Knives Out, and The Rockettes

My son is 11 years old. And, each day it seems he is getting older and older. And, of course he is. The second we are born we are getting older. Obvious but true. The last few years we have been quite often on the run on trips or moving from one side of town to the other or from one coast to the other.

The last two Christmas celebrations were quite un-Christmas. Not that they were bad. Actually one was. One recent Christmas was particularly hard as my family suffered through Hurricane Maria and came to live with us a few days before Christmas. And maybe we were too excited but we all ended up with food poisoning. I woke up Christmas morning severely dehydrated and nauseous after spending seven hours throwing up. Everyone else was in worse shape. That Christmas was a blessing (being with family) and a physical hardship. Then, last year we spent Christmas in a motel on the road. We had left Los Angeles to come back east. We had gifts for everyone. My son thought we had GPS trackers on us to alert Santa. Actually, I am not too sure how he truly processed it. But even the turtle got a gift – an extra pellet. Yes, we travelled cross country with both a dog and a turtle.

This year I want to go back to a “traditional” celebration. This started with our Thanksgiving dinner this past week. I did not cook. However, I did the a very New York thing. I ordered a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey which we haven’t had in ages as we usually eat duck. My son who typically doesn’t eat turkey did so. That was a major win in our book. We had our apple cider and pie.

We then went to the movies the next day and caught Knives Out. We love going to the movies during the holidays. I didn’t think we would do so this year as there have not been that many great movies released in 2019. Sure, there was Avengers Endgame but I wasn’t that impressed. I did love Joker but I will never watch it again. As for Knives Out, it was great. My 11 year old son loved it as well. I was quite pleasantly surprised although I somewhat knew who had “done” it from the outset. But it was deliciously acted and had some fun with the audience.

We then took in a show. We went to see the Rockettes. I can’t remember when I last did that. My son was not supremely impressed. According to him there were too many musical numbers. I asked him what they were supposed to dance to and he just shrugged. I enjoyed myself. Although, it somewhat seemed like I was the only one in the surrounding area. No matter what I was going to enjoy the show. My goal going forward is to keep trying to live my best life. And, bring others along.

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  1. Last night my wife, my daughter and her fiance and I all went to see “Kinives Out”. It was a hoot!

    A few decades ago the “Cozy/Traditional/Malice Domestic” genre style of mystery was a lot more common in American movies and television. I generally enjoyed them. Our whole family eagerly awaited the latest iteration of Jessica Simpson as yet another inhabitant of Cabot Cove was murdered. I would not want to live in that community as my life expectancy could be short…

    You can still catch that style of mystery on BBC America. We watched Father Brown regularly.


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