Random things people leave behind

Many, many years ago when I was dirt poor I needed a new pair of shoes for an event. And, then someone just left a brand new pair of shoes behind that I fit into and managed to keep for five years. Life is a wonder at times. Serendipity. I was most grateful for that find although I wondered why the shoes were purposefully left behind. Till this day I have some items in my closet that were left behind by other people. Actually, not just my closet. I have a few paintings, a bracelet, and a few knick knacks that were left behind for me to find. I’ve also adopted two shelter dogs but they probably don’t fall within this category broadly speaking. Or maybe broadly but not narrowly speaking. Either way, I relish and treasure that which happens to be left behind in my path.

Although, some things have been too random or unusable but have intrigued me. For instance, I have found household toilets and baby carriages on the street. Who leaves behind a baby carriage? In Italy, our baby carriage proved to be useless and we did end up discarding it. However, I did place it in a waste bin. I also left a pair of boots behind in Germany. It’s an odd tradition that I have in that I leave something of mine behind in my travels. In chicago recently I left all my business cards behind. I knew I was making a change in my life and it was a way to getting it started. I once left a note to my successor similar to the notes one president leaves for the incoming one.

This past week, I came across two fruit cups and a half eaten turkey. Those were probably not purposefully left behind. Yet, because it is New York City you never know. I also saw two backpacks, one a barbie doll one, left in the subway. Of course, that caused some alarm and someone alerted the police.

Nonetheless, if you keep your eyes open you’ll be amazed at how many things you can bring into your life or at least have an interesting story to share at the watercooler.

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  1. You are so right…people leave all sorts of things behind, including other people, including their dignity, their principles, their truth…Whoever comes after and collects these things, left over and left behind by our society will paint a pretty picture of our times! Great post! Greetings and all the best,


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