You don’t wear petty well

You’ve got your rockstar rags

You’ve got your nicely manicured nails

You smile at all the right moments

You’re just a social construction

You buff your image in the mirror

You prop up your image makers

You pretend to care

But your shoes have more shine than your heart

Eat your yummy, frosted cake

One day not a crumb will be left

Don’t mock the champions

For even with all your tailored looks

You don’t wear petty well

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  1. More Humans Navel Gaze
    Less Humans Procreate
    Bigger Nature Dances Sings A Happier Selfie
    Overall With Fewer
    Humans EdiFaCinG
    Cultural Cancers
    Zombie Eating
    Face of ‘God’ (Nature
    Bigger All LiVinG Home)
    So in other Words
    ‘Petty’ in this way
    May Save Lives
    Other than
    Apes and
    Tools of
    Culture they
    Co-Create so who
    Are the Saviors.. ‘Bigger
    Nature’ Sees more than
    With Human Eyes
    With no ‘Replies’🌲


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