We seek a disconnected connection

We are all aware of how distracted we are. We are walking around half connected to a myriad of machines. Half the time you can be standing next to someone and not know whether the words they are speaking are directed at you or some person they are wireless connected to. We say we crave connection but that which we seek is a disconnected connection. How are we tethered to this world?

I am often concerned as to how we grow as humans if we are mired in nothingness. So much of day-to-day life is ephemeral. Although, that word is too pretty. Me talk pretty and sad. That should have been the title of David Sedaris’ book of essays. But ephemeral is beautiful until it is not.

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  1. Fact of ‘Terminator Science’ is Social Animals
    Not Tethered to Each other
    Die A ‘Spiritual Death’
    First then Faster
    And Slowly
    Go Extinct…
    Human Machines
    Die As iRobot Life…
    i’ll be back i’m Human..:)


  2. The hardest thing about our forever home is finding the longer term connections that will take us through the rest of life. 350 wonderful residents, but most are still acquaintances a year later – it takes time spent together to forge the bonds, and one thing we don’t do here is visit much in each others’ apartments.

    We have dinner together with many people in the course of a week – but they are not friends yet. Maybe because we haven’t done hard things together.

    It’s happening, but it is very slow on the very front I ripped up before coming (not that it was working that well – I didn’t get out of the house much – but because there was SOME).

    It is critical to do for others before you can’t; many people come to these places too late to integrate well with the community because they are too absorbed with their own problems. Or with taking care of a spouse before that leaves them single.

    We’ll make it, I hope, but it still feels like working without a net.


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