Taking names and bringing receipts

Sometimes you have to be tough and strong. Sometimes when you are tough you do it quietly. Other times you have to be outwardly forceful. There’s an art to it all. Or rather, it can be a dance. It’s amazing how often one has to do this dance. And, I wish it weren’t so.

Today a colleague noted that they knew I would do whatever it took to get a particular something done. I don’t have to share the details. It just matters that I’m that committed and that determined and focused. I always am.

And, I have no problem taking names and bringing the receipts. I also have no problem letting people know outright that I will do so. The funny thing is that some people underestimate the amount of receipts one can bring. It shouldn’t be that you have to have receipts but these days so many people fake pasts, expertise, and commitment. Hence, the receipts. Don’t be offended at having to show them. Be happy to have them.

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