Oops, wrong person

We have all done it. At least once. Maybe twice. Maybe 100 times. It’s a 21st century problem resulting from our need to interact too quickly utilizing technology. We havevall sent an email to the wrong person. Maybe a wrongly done “cc”. Maybe wrongfully letting email autofill an email address. But that is not even what I am here to talk about. The last time I sent a wrong email was many years ago. But, of course, I probably just jinxed myself. I’ll have to prepare a post about how I jinxed myself.

I’m here to talk about sending the wrong person a text. That I have done with much frequency. At times. It’s actually technology’s fault. Now, while I can say I’ve done this with great frequency, I can remember many of my mis-sent text messages. And, more often than not they have been funny mistakes. Although, one was quite bad.

Someone had sent me a text last mother’s day wishing me a great day. I thanked them although I didn’t know who it was. I figured it would be rude to ask who it was. Although, I could have answered with my favorite new phrase “new phone, who dis?”. Everytime I hear that I giggle. And, I often use it in face-to-face conversations. It’s funny. Regardless of my love of that phrase, I didn’t use it. I did something bad, instead. I tried to carry a text conversation assuming that I knew the person. Never ever do that.

I proceeded to ask the texter if they had heard the latest horrible (and I mean truly abhorrent) thing person X had done. Well, you know how this story turns out. I was texting with person X. Oops. Wrong text. Wrong person. Next.

I’m still waiting for the horse’s head in my bed.

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  1. I once had a boss who liked very direct communication, almost to the point of being abrupt or rude. But that was the way communication with him worked best, so that’s what we did whenever we emailed. This was fine, until one day I hit reply instead of forward, and sent a note about how some information was horribly out of date and we couldn’t work with it like that – so I’d deal with it the next day. My boss would have been fine with it. The person in another department whose work I was complaining about was less pleased!


  2. I have simple rules since I don’t need to send a wrong text to offend folk, merely existing in thier space is enough!
    Though I’m sure you could never relate to thier pain?!

    1: Don’t speak
    2: Don’t look at anyone
    3: Don’t exist

    A tad extreme, but lynch mob occurrences have decreased largely since adopting these rules!!


  3. It happened to me too !! I already and unconsciously texted the person I was talking about in my text. When I realized what I did, the only thing I could think about was creating a plan to move to another planet . At least now I can have a good laugh about it 😉


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