A little hike for the mind and a pitter patter dance

Growing up one celebrated one’s birthday on that set day or maybe on a weekend day. However, it wasn’t (at least not for me) a month-long celebration. Now, many people I know go big for their birthday with month-long celebrations. I am not quite at that stage but I most certainly do see the month of May as my month. My birthday and mother’s day are usually back-to-back weekends. Then there is memorial day. I am not a veteran but I most certainly love honoring those who have served and sacrificed and, admittedly, I do like launching the summer that day. Just like every other American. Thus, the month of May is a time for celebrations.

As part of my birthday weekend celebration, I went for a hike. Nothing better to rejuvenate oneself than a hike. Despite all my allergies (and they are numerous) I like getting outdoors and burning off some calories. Even when a month is for numerous celebrations, a calm and soothing celebration can be part of the fun.

With that said, all the lushness presented a feast for my senses. This is what I missed most while on the west coast. And now that I am back east, I must feast on the greenery.

Little waterfalls made my heart pitter patter and I did a little dance up and down the trails.

But now I need more and more.

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