They were tethered to their fears

The lushness was indescribable and just awe-inspiring. She felt more alive then ever as her bare feet crunched the leaves beneath her. They were so crunchy that she wanted to eat them. She did have some carrots with her that would go well with the leaves. She never understood how people weren’t taken in by nature’s beauty and bounty.

She stood still for a second taking it all in. She then put on her sunglasses and whispered to the ground. And then tbe earth swallowed her whole. Although really so dramatic happened. She just loved hyping things up. She was late and thus quickly took her seat next to others. They all had their oxygen masks on and she followed suit. They all thought she was reckless. But all she was doing was living. They supposedly wanted to survive but they were tethered to their fears. First item on the agenda was to decide who would be on the menu and a more tedious conversation was never had.

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  1. Nature is healing and yet there is a figurative gas mask so many wear.

    I have been to more than a few meetings where it was decided who to eat. I’ve seen phases 4 and 5 too many times.

    Six Phases of a Project

    1) Enthusiaism

    2) Dissillusionment

    3) Panic

    4) Search for the guilty

    5) Punishment of the innocent

    6) Praise and honours for the non-participants


  2. Ah yes.. Latent Inhibition and Low Levels of it that may
    Make the Smallest of Wonders in Life Seem Like Heaven
    but oh.. on the other hand.. oh Lord with too much Complex Stimuli
    A Flood Overboard Brain-Ships as it were and can and will still be..
    hehe.. how many
    visual images
    does that
    elicit on an
    Alice And Wonderland
    Journey of a TS Elliot Mind…
    hmm.. and then there is Transient
    Hypo-Frontality Where Depending on
    “Rational Higher IQ’s” of the Mechanical
    Cognition of Systemizing Science Mind
    One may get totally Lost in Hypo-Frontality
    In A Yin Way of Life without enough (Asperger’s
    Brain) Yang to mix the Yin of (Bi-Polar) Where Art
    And Science Becomes Balancing Nicer and
    Madness doesn’t replace
    the Creativity
    that is the
    When Art and
    Science Mix and Hold Hands
    Sweetly Between our Ears otherwise
    the (Yin) Art may Consume the (Science)
    Yang or the Vice Versa of that.. Oh Lord as in all
    ‘Stuff’ in Life Balance and Float through Life on
    A Nirvana Surfboard or fly away get lost or fall to the ground
    And never get UP..
    of course it would
    more likely take a Psychologist
    And or a Person Labeled with a ‘Condition’
    to understand much of any of this.. hehe..
    It’s Always a Matter of Perspective of who
    Actually Flies over or is part of a Cuckoo’s Nest Below Next Now..
    It’s funny how some folks will Judge Ya Insane (or on drugs) writing singing dancing Free Verse
    this way when alternatively ya will provide a Grocery List of Quantum Physics same/different Now..
    Anyway my Friend
    some of us see the
    Trees some of us See
    the Forest and By God some
    of us see both get lost and or found..;)


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