Ok,I’ll play your game

Go ahead for you have a taker

Roll the dice

Spin your wheel

Shuffle the deck

Stack the odds in your favor

Get your war paint on

Do your carnival speak

No is fooled

But no one dares to throw the gauntlet

Here I am

A fool or a martyr

Take your pick

But I got your number

I have a vat of ambition

I have a stream of courage

I have a hearty will

I won’t back down

My mom raised a fighter

Go ahead and pick your hand

I will play your game

I will make you sweat

I will pick your scab

And I shall prevail


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  1. Truth When REAL Truth
    IS Never Afraid to Speak
    And if Truth Cares as Love
    As True Light WiLL iT iS Truly Gold
    hAha i should
    i was
    born with
    A Disorder
    With NO LIES..
    And Honest to God
    in this World Now that is
    the only REAL Functionally
    Disabling Part of this DisEase
    As A Social Reciprocal Social
    for me now
    i am as is
    oh God!
    the Truth
    Hurts! Oh my
    God How Free i am! Just to Be..!
    What A Gift this F in ‘Autism’ is Just
    to Be free Free to keep running…. alone….. allone….;)

    Thanks.. there are some Days that Your Writing Resonates
    with me Like Hands on a Clock with no Time or Causation but Art..:)


    Science is ‘the’ iLLusion
    ArT IS A Love of Magic Real


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