Was concerned didn’t have enough skins

One of my favorite movies growing up was that of Silence of the Lambs.   I am not too sure what they says about me. However, It’s what made me want to become a psychologist. My mom told me, though, I was meant to be a psychologist whether I had watched that film or not. Because it is one of my favorite movies, I often quote it. At work, baseball games, the bathroom, at the dinner table, you name it. It’s so insightful how could you not?  With that said, there are bits of situations and conversations here and there that also remind me of the movie. Sometimes in very odd ways.


This morning my son was playing on his XBox with online friends. It is such a different world from when I was growing up. It would have been so cool to play online with “friends” across the country.  I know many people hate these changes in children’s play, but I believe there are good things to them. I believe their brains are being wired to connect with people in new and fascinating ways. And, we just don’t know yet how this will play out decades from now. But one good thing is that interconnection on a global scale. My son knows people from throughout the US and world and they each talk about their local areas exchanging information and insights.   Couple that with our constant travels, I do hope that my son understands that the world is quite diverse and never becomes insular in his thinking.   But I digress.


As he was playing, I was walking back and forth and up and down getting ready for the day. As I headed into the kitchen, I heard him say something that gave me pause.  He noted that he had been concerned that he didn’t have enough skins but he was ok now.  I thought that was such an odd statement to make. I immediately went to my childhood and thought of the movie Silence of the Lambs. I specifically think of the character of Buffalo Bill when he notes “It puts the lotion in the basket“.  That is one of my favorite lines from the movie that I quote quite often. I know. It’s weird.  But there have been times where it has actually been appropriate to quote it in a team meeting.  I kid you not.  As I think of the quote I start to laugh and go back to see what my son was referring to. Ah yes! He was referring to outfits (or is it costumes) in Fortnite. All quite innocent. However, isn’t it a bit creepy that they refer to costumes as skins?  I suppose it is interesting that my son and I will both have our skin references in old age. Some things change. Some things stay the same.



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  1. A Major Problem With Modern
    Psychology and thank Goodness
    Science is Catching Up
    To ‘Eastern’
    Is that our
    Neo-Cortex when
    We are Healthy Is
    A Great Servant of
    Our Limbic System
    For Mind and Body
    Balance in Other
    Words there
    Is No
    Song of
    Life Without
    A Physical Dance And
    This is the Caution/Warning
    If understood by the Science
    Of the Human Condition
    That ‘Should’ Be
    Every ‘Screen’
    As Truly there is no
    Healthy Emotional
    Regulation or Sensory
    Integration without
    A Dance of
    Life.. i could
    Have ‘cured’ all
    The ‘Curses’ of
    Of Bipolar and
    Autism so Long ago
    If i Could Have Just Found
    A ‘Witch Doctor’ to
    Convince me to
    Dance like
    No one
    Is Watching..
    ‘The Silence of
    The Lambs’ is an
    Appropriate metaphor
    For This Modern Age And
    When my Psychiatrist
    Saw how i cured what
    He could offer zero
    Help for 66 Months
    He Quit his
    Practice to
    Teach Movement
    Therapy in A
    Down South…
    i also Encourage Dance
    As Science is also Finding
    Now that it is A literal
    Of Youth…
    ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’
    Called it ‘Footloose’ Savagery
    Of Nature
    Were Practicing
    Heaven On Earth the
    Luck of the Irish (me too)
    A ‘little’ Jig i Bring You
    Today for it
    Is True
    Fingers Dance
    Too and the
    Benefit is the same
    And True as Long
    As We are typing
    We are Dancing too…
    All i Do is
    Dance and
    Measure the
    Results aLong
    The Way Life
    Is always Longer
    Now When Dance
    Of our Souls.. in
    Mind and Body Balance
    Oh yeah.. and Dedicated
    To my only Son Ryan who Never
    Gained the opportunity to
    Dance With Hands or
    Feet or Smile..
    i still iSmile for
    Him iDance
    iSing iLive iLove
    Smiles and yes iPhone
    Do Make iRainbows
    That are real and no
    Pot of Gold..
    See ya later ‘Dorothy’..

    -Real Oz

    Do Dance
    Do Sing Do Love Do Live


    Do Delete…
    If This if too Loooonnng



  2. Eek! But yes. Skins are necessary. There is some wastage.

    Creepy movie, creepy character. With hugely creepy associations with actual events. I don’t know how you would go about forgiving some of the things ‘humans’ do to others.

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  3. When I think of skins, I think of potatoes. I love potato skins.

    Or I think back to jr. hi PE. When we would form up teams to play against each other, it would be shirts vrs. skins. One side would remove their T-shirts to identify which team they were on. Not an option in anything other than an all-male class.


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