He’s always ready to party

I’m one of those who believes a dog should be pampered and spoiled. Unconditional love is beautiful, liberating, and deserving of being treated like a king. My dog is extremely huggable and goes with my crazy flow. I’ve been trying for a while now to get him to howl. I’ve made some progress but every day is an adventure in howling attempts.

Part of the process now entails him bartering with me. Everytime he makes a tiny grunt in response to my howl, he runs and brings me one of his squeaky toys. He then expects me to throw it. He does this time and time again. As a matter of fact, he brings me his toy when I wake up, when I feed him, when I sneeze or whenever I call his name. He is just always ready to party and throw down. If I just look at him he brings me his toy. Despite being a gray dog, he is quite filled with joy and mirth. He has a spirit of happiness and seeing the positive in any situation that makes him irreplaceable. And, that is why he should be pampered and spoiled. He is a happy-go-lucky dog and that makes me one lucky, happy fur-baby mama.

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  1. He’s gorgeous. We have a mad stick chaser. Barely leaves us alone and the smallest fragments of ball or stick end up beside me..or even on my plate or in my dinner. She has no off switch and keeps returning but she is beautiful and we love her heaps.
    Best wishes,


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