I can mash potatoes

I came home to do a myriad of errands, chores, and smores. Actually, no smores.  I wish. That would be fun and a random thing to do at 7pm on a work night. I barely have any food at the house, let alone ingredients to makes smores.  I just can’t be bothered to buy groceries for me to make myself any meals at night.   Thus, I am not really going to mash potatoes.

However, I can sing about mashing potatoes and doing the twist as I watch the movie Dirty Dancing for the 100th time. I don’t know what it is about that movie that keeps me coming back for more. Funny enough, I didn’t really watch it till the past decade. Now, I watch it several times a year.  It is amazing how we can develop these new obsessions throughout our lives. Its almost the same as how we can sometimes develop new allergies later in life.

Everytime I watch the film, I catch something new. This time around I couldn’t stop noticing the body double. In re-watching the famous “lift” scene the body double was excruciatingly obvious. And, I was reminded of that line by the hotel owner’s son who says “sometimes in this world you see things you don’t want to see.”  And, that is probably why I watch this film so many times. There are many things in life one doesn’t want to see but is forced to. So, might as well indulge in a silly escape even if it is the 100th time. Mash the potatoes and do the twist. Have a little bit of fun with it all.

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  1. Secret to Life Appreciating
    Wall FLoWeRS Lead Dancers
    Better Yet Doing Both Life
    Complete As You Live Again
    i Needed This Dirty Dance
    For A Theme Song oF
    Life Thanks for
    The Dance PM
    ALWaYS ‘KNeW’..;)


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