Giggles, smiles, and greetings can be so empowering

So often we keep to ourselves. So often we work in silos. So often we ignore the person seated next to us. Caught up in our posts, likes and latest gossip bit. We miss the pain in the hearts of others. We miss the tremoring lips on the faces of others. We miss the wet eyes of those we look past. But we can all be different. We can all be better. We can be a bridge to happiness. We can open the doors so we can all interconnect. A smile. A giggle. A greeting. All so small and simple yet so empowering.

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  1. I’ve been saying this for the past few months…we are losing our ability to empathize and connect with our fellow human because our faces are buried in screens. Thanks for posting this invitation to be “better” at interconnecting x


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