It’s time to start planning summer vacation: Let’s movie binge

My philosophy is that it is never to early to start planning a vacation or getaway. Mind you, I quite often, however, end up planning a trip at the last minute. I like the idea of planning way ahead of time and yet I love last-minute trips. Honestly, it’s more thrilling that way. A while ago I used to think that one could find true last-minute travel bargains. But I have come to find that to be an urban myth of sorts. Thus, the last minute thrills come more from wondering where one will end up. It’s how I ended up in Germany one year for Christmas. Either way, the second week of January is as good as any to start planning for summer vacation.

A major snowstorm is on its way and a little bit of summer daydreaming can get one far in terms of bracing for the extreme cold. I’m dreaming of a warm-breeze, sidewalk-filled summer vacation. I’m dreaming of a beautiful port to visit. I’m dreaming of a set time in which I can avoid most of the news. My son is dreaming of going on some kind of archeological adventure where he can eat pizza all day. Sounds like he is craving a trip to Italy.

Since summer is still a few good months away, I suppose I can start watching some movies to put me in a true travel mood. Lost in Translation is always a good movie to get one in the mood for Japan. Or catch any of Anthony Bourdain’s episodes on Japan. Up in the Air is a great film that shows the great and really depressing parts of constant travel. There’s also Vicky Cristina which showcases my beloved Barcelona. There’s also the movie Barcelona. Basically, go see anything filmed in Barcelona.

Now some people really like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I didn’t. I couldn’t stand the movie. I watched that film on my way back from Australia and was in a horribly uncomfortable seat. Could be why I really don’t care for that film. But even watching that film while in a beautiful spa could get me to like it. Thus, I can’t recommend it other than for its beautiful sequences set in Iceland. I so need to go there by May. Forget about summer. And, Smila’s Sense of Snow made me want to go to Greenland. I need to go there someday in the next few years. I just have to. And, of course, any Indiana Jones movie will give you the travel bug. Aww, happy trails.

It is indeed time to start planning

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