People should get up early to do stuff



My son makes me laugh. Sometimes he makes me “belly laugh”. A good deep laughter that tickles my stomach. I asked him the other day why he was so goofy and silly and he looked at me noting he got that from me. He is a happy boy. Has always been a happy boy. I can county on one hand how many temper tantrums he has had in his ten years. I assume that there will be teenage tantrums to come.   But till then I will enjoy his silliness.


This Sunday, I woke up at 6:15am. Which is late.  He already been up for an hour. I noted to him that as a young tween boy he should be sleeping in late.  I told him most kids would want to sleep in late and then watch cartoons. Or at least I think that is what kids do. He just stared at me and noted that it was silly to wake up late. I asked him why was that so. And he stated that the earlier he gets up the more time he has for fun stuff. He wants to pack his day in with tons of things to entertain him. Sleep, apparently, is not entertaining. I shrugged and nodded my head.


I have always been an early bird. I just can’t help it. I love the feeling of grand accomplishment when I have compelted about ten tasks by 9:00am. I once had a colleague who loved sleeping and was always sleepy and quite a curmudgeon at that, as well. I would wonder why she was so cranky if she spent a good portion of her everyday life sleeping. I find a sleep a necessary evil. Our bodies need it to replenish our systems. Our minds need it in order to just unwind. But I far prefer doing things. We are on earth for only so many days. But I am not here to debate those points.


I am just amused that my son wants to make the most of each day. For him, life is filled with many possibilities and you have to get up early to take advantage of as many as possible. I feel good about his point of view and life philosophy. I do hope he makes the most of each day going forward and lives a most-fulfilled life.  Oh Captain, My captain!

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