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In a deep sense of longing and nostalgia

I was just on Facebook where I saw someone post an image from their airplane window as they approached New York City. And my heart had a massive sense of longing. I miss my dear city tremendously. I know there are many things wrong with the city. No place is perfect after all. However, after living in 17 cities and countless houses and apartments, I can unequivocally say that New York will forever hold my heart.   I know the city doesn’t appeal to everyone. And that is good. It is already overcrowded. Leave New York to me and the million others who appreciate fast-paced, 24-7 availability of almost everything (including post offices), and unimaginable diversity. I was a good ten pounds lighter when I lived in new York because I walked everywhere. Here in Los Angeles people are severely offended by their assigned parking spot. I just don’t care.


I was on a flight last week to the east coast and I caught this view.


I was taken back by the beauty of a sky right at the witching hour. And, I was in an even deeper sense of longing and nostalgia. I need my east coast vibe. I know it is cold out there right now. I landed and was in sandals as I was coming from Los Angeles. But there is also something to a crispy bit of air.
While I am not a Los Angelino I can say that I do appreciate 80 degree weather in mid-October.  And, my new view is phenomenal as I moved to downtown Los Angeles.


It is a newly energized section of Los Angeles where a lot of us NY ex-patriots live. We gather, we commiserate, and we laugh. and, if the Yankees can’t be in the World Series then I am glad that the Dodgers are. I am a rather lucky girl to have lived in great cities and had all these experiences. But one day. One day I will return to my beloved city. Till then: Go Dodgers!

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  1. Over the years, I had similar feelings as I returned to the cities I loved, some of them outside the US, such as Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (always Saigon) and Bangkok. The plight of the itinerant traveler!!


  2. As a Boston native and Arizona resident, I have often found myself defending the Great Rivals. I find plenty to admire about NYC and don’t really mind a modicum of meeting LA drivers on their own fast-paced terms. I am not, by and large, a city person, but the big boys have their place- and so I visit, at least to Phoenix and LA, every so often.

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