I wish children would be able to run offices for two to three days a month


I have not slept well at all this past week. Make that the past three weeks.  I have had a high number of tasks to accomplish in a very short time span.   On top of which, I had a business trip which was even more nerve-wracking than usual.  For the first time ever I had to leave my son with a babysitter while I went away.  He is ten years old and a very mature ten year old (well, in some ways).  Even though he is quite mature, I worry. Who wouldn’t, really?  He is with a great person who he feels comfortable with. But my heart aches.


What I miss the most is seeing him off to bed. I love seeing him drowsy as he tries to fight off sleep so that he can tell me one more story. Yes, he tells me stories at night.  They are usually video game or youtuber stories that I really can’t follow. But I listen and smile because he tells his stories with such zest. Reminds me of myself at that age. I used to be a storyteller as well. As a matter of fact I competed as a storyteller. What a strange thing to have done. I won several competitions.   And, that desire to tell stories has stayed with me till this very day. This very moment. There is always a story for each moment and each meeting. In order to engage people effectively you need to make things tangible and part of a larger narrative.


Anyway, I miss my baby. I believe he knows that. But he also understands that mommy has to travel here and there. He asked me if I was going to be in a ton of meetings as usual. And, I told him that indeed the trip was meeting heavy.  He looked at me and said he didn’t understand why I had to be in so many meetings and long ones at that. To him meetings take away from doing fun things such as playing video games or watching fun television shows. Plus, he noted, that meetings seem to just consist of a lot of talking.  He knows this based on the fact that I have actually brought him into work and let him sit in on some of my past meetings. I wish children would be able to run offices for two to three days a month and perhaps staff morale would increase as well as productivity. I believe that it is an experiment worth trying. What could go wrong? Sure, company credit cards could be maxxed out on video game and pizza purchases but people may actually end up sleeping well those days.


All this to say I love, value and miss my son. I am on a quick turnaround trip but I can’t help but want to be near him. He is such an awesome kid and I miss messing up his awesome thick hair. But it is all going to be ok. I know that. Here’s to kids ruling the world.

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  1. Your adorable child is 100% correct: meetings do involve a lot of talking, many of which are not always quite important. Your 10 year old is a smart kid. Wish you and your child the happiest moments.


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