I’m not a fan of baskets

I have this odd reaction when I hear the word baskets. I giggle and gasp in horror. See, one of my favorite movies of all time is Silence of the Lambs. And, in that awesome movie, is a quite horrific scene about putting lotion in a basket. The scene is quite iconic. And, many people know this scene and can even recite the dialogue. So, at times, when I hear the word basket I shudder.

Now, I have even more of a reason to dislike baskets. See, I did a favor for someone and they repaid me by leaving a slew of baskets behind that I ended up having to throw out. The context doesn’t matter and I will not, as a result, go into it.

What matters here is the lack of gratitude that the baskets symbolize. Instead of a thank you, someone left me their junk. And, it wasn’t even junk that was tidied up. It was just left scattered and dirty.

I help people out because people need help and I can provide it. But, I most certainly wouldn’t object to hearing a thank you. So often these days, it seems people just expect the help without having to put anything into the process. It doesn’t leave a good feeling in one’s stomach. And, now I dislike baskets even more. So sad all around. I do not think I can afford any more of these life baskets.

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  1. I have a 35 Years Dance Friend
    On FB who was upset someone
    Didn’t Push the Like Button
    On Her BD wish who
    Initiated that was
    Cause for ‘Termination’..
    Oops.. i told her i Focus on
    The Giving as Sole Soul Reward
    Otherwise i would have stayed
    Empty.. And then with a push
    Of a Button she proved
    The Story of the Terminator
    Has come True
    As we are
    More Machine
    And than Human
    As we De-FriEnd
    And become the Tools we
    Make as Science also assesses
    The Average Attention Span NoW
    As Literally Less than a Gold Fish..
    This explains
    A lot less
    Than Feeling Whole..:)

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  2. There once was a song ” with basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and they’re coming to take me away… the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.” Ever since then basket weaving has been something people do in the therapy room in the psych ward. I know this is not true but it still makes me suspicious of baskets.


  3. You need some good experiences with baskets. Baskets are neutral. Some are beautiful, others utilitarian.

    I have, as wastebaskets which I handle very carefully, two or three woven from the pine needles in Valle de Bravo, Mexico (they have a LOT of pines). You can’t pick them up by the rim that many times, so I’m always telling people not to – they’re too delicate. But they held the flowers on the tables at a sister’s wedding, and are still perfect.

    Or maybe it is too late for you.


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