Bye bye dear baby dresser

I am a very nostalgic person. I like holding onto mementos. I have held onto a small box for over 20 years that holds my high school facebook. It was literally a small book that had our face photos so that we would know who was who. I went to boarding school. It was a good thing to be able to recognize each other.


Nonetheless, I can also very easily discard many items and not look back. I’m a non-sentimental sentimalist. Is that such a thing? Hey, I’m an extroverted introvert so any such term is fair game.


This weekend, I was busy yet again trying to get rid of many things as possible. Before I put things out on the street, with a free sign, I tend to offer my items to colleagues. This time someone took me up on my offer. Which thrilled me but also made me sad.


They took me up on my offer of my son’s baby dresser. He is now ten. I held onto this for a long time. I always found some use for it. At first it was clothes. Then I stored toys. Then my nieces used it for shoes. Now, I must part with it.

So sad.

I am starting to let go of some of his baby stuff. And, this is a big step for me. A really big one as I have mightily resisted this.


At some point, he will grow up right? Yes. Yes, he will. And, I have to be cool with it. Well, I don’t have to. But it will happen anyway.

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  1. They grow up so fast! But if it were any slower we’d be too old to enjoy grandchildren. We have a bunch of sentimental stuff waiting around for grandchildren to appear.


  2. I ask myself if I would want this item with me when I am in a nursing home, at the end of my life. Because I will have to store it and use it for many years in between. Only you can make those choices, and they may change.
    But the answer for many things is ‘Definitely not!’ – and that makes it easier to send them on to another life. White lie? Polite fiction? When the next person may send the item to the dump? It doesn’t matter – if you remember it, it will be with fondness. Having just done this for about 95% of the things I owned, I’m finding I brought the right ones – and the rest may be living invigorated lives for all I know.
    It surprised me, considering how many years I had held onto things. In my case, that had to do with the lack of energy to do periodic dejunking, so it all came in the huge rush to empty and sell the house.
    I told my husband the other day that we brought with us the parts of the house we actually used – and left behind the ones we didn’t need. And we probably still brought too much.


  3. It’s sooo hard to give up the baby stuff!! Also challenging, is to go through the piles of school work and art work that they produce every year! What to keep and what to toss?! 😳 I’m putting together a foot locker for each of my boys with my carefully edited keepers.


  4. Mimi, I find parting with stuff like this really difficult. Ideally, I can pass it on to someone we know, which I find much easier. There are a few things I’m hoping to sell but getting organized is really difficult but we need the money. I also quite like the ideas of transitioning things through the house and having a regular sale so you can turn things over.
    Good luck with it.
    Best wishes,


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