I believe in the power of pizza

Pizza is a funny thing. A delicious thing. A greasy, stomach-easing thing. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world and is common in Europe and North America.  There is no town, or so it seems, without a pizza shop. Pizza is filling and quick. And can bring people together. And, this is the most important thing, generally makes kids happy.


My son just loves pizza. Our trip to Italy a few years back was a major success as he always had something that he could eat. It is so thrilling to watch him be so happy with a slice of pizza. As we are contemplating a move to another part of Los Angeles, my son was ecstatic because this particular area has a great pizza parlor that he loves.  He is motivated for the move because of the pizza. I, of course, remind him all the time that New York City has delicious pizza that we will have to eat again.


He is so motivated by pizza that I almost got him to agree to go to a Dodgers game.  As a colleague noted, I believe in the power of pizza.   It even worked for me as a teenager who tutored others for pizza. I look back and laugh at such a payment. But it worked back then. It made me happy and I tutored the others well.


This is really not to extol the virtues of pizza. Although, it is to a great extent. But to note that we all have grand motivators in life. We just have to be self-aware enough to figure out what are our motivators? What is our pizza? What are the “pizzas” of others?



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  1. I have seen pizza shops in every part of the world I have visited, from the Boston area, where I was raised (11 pizzeria in my little town alone), to the island off South Korea, where my little family lived, for 5.5 years.


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