Oh that’s rich: One petty person annoyed by another petty being

I don’t know what is the color of pettiness. I know green is envy but everything else is a crapshoot. Or so it seems to me. The color red can be anger and it can be love. Perhaps both simultaneously. I’m fascinated as to how certain colors come to be associated with certain states of being. To me, though, almost everything can be symbolized by the color red. And, that was what I was visualizing last week when I was staring at one petty person after another.

I rather dislike petty people. They tend to be rather small, narcissistic napoleons. Meaning, tyrants who like to throw temper tantrums. These are people who focus on extremely trivial bits because they are small-minded people who cannot get past their own selves. Do I sound like I dislike pettiness? I really do.

And, it so happens that I had to deal with two extremely petty people last week who managed to also call out each other for pettiness. That was rich. I sat staring at one of them wondering how they couldn’t tell that they were just as petty as the other. How do people manage to lose sight of themselves? It often amazes me, despite me knowing better, how certain people just lack self-awareness. It is not like we can take a course in increasing self-awareness but life should provide ample opportunities to get such insight. That is, if one is willing to be vulnerable. And, that is just it. Vulnerability is scary. Self-awareness and reflection can be frightening. Not being bogged down in the trivial can be undoable. But one should try to rise above it all and seek a higher understanding. I don’t believe that is too much to ask for.

A rather simple goal. Try to be a good human who helps others, strives to do better, and looks beyond the little things.

One can hope.

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  1. SMiLes.. as Science Shows ‘these days’ Too.. our Neo-Cortex is
    Slave to our Limbic System oF
    HeART (Serotonin, Dopamine,
    Oxytocin, Noradrenaline; As
    A Cocktail in Synergy
    Of other Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones that
    Make our Limbic System
    And ‘Shadow/Reptile’
    Work in or out
    Of Mind/Body
    BasiC iNstincT
    Animal Homeostasis
    Balance that is a lifelong
    Art of Emotional Regulation
    And Sensory Integration that
    We either Master in Bio-
    Feedback of What
    Works in Still or
    Other wise
    Folks remain
    Addicts to the
    Whims oF THeir
    HeART And Shadow
    That may Feed iN
    Rather than JoY Loves
    Company in an Ignorance
    oF A Dance and Song oF
    Life that Makes Harmony
    Rather than Discord
    In Let’s
    Then Sing
    A ‘Coke Song’
    Together Next that works like
    Any ‘Group’ of Shaolin
    Or Yogi’s
    Or Neos who ‘unplug’..
    Mean While Human will be Human..;)
    ‘In (Nike)

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  2. I try not to BE petty, but it’s an ongoing battle. How many things do you have to ignore before one gets under your skin? I think that’s why I read Miss Manners – one can be petty in response to an irritation without the irritater being aware of it – everybody happy.


  3. Pettiness is what leads to an interminable supply of mud, being thrown at the petty one. It was not for nothing that Krishna warned us “Point a finger at another, and behold! Three fingers are pointing back at you.”


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