Stand still and let me leash you: And that is why dogs are so wonderful


This month marks the one year anniversary of my dog joining our family; joining his forever home.   He has been both a mellow dog and a spastic dog. He has a great sprint to him and can leap real high. And he goes with the flow. More or less.   My son loves his dog. I am so thrilled to see our dog wake my son up in the morning. It is a sweet sight to take in.   Overall, he is a great dog.


However, he loves being out on the street. He loves his walks more than food. And, that is the complete opposite of my previous dog. Winston is hot to trot. Milo was all about his belly. Two very different approaches to life. And they each represent a part of my world view.   I am a foodie and a traveler.   I get my dogs’ perspectives as each is essential to my quality of life.


What makes me laugh about my dog’s hot-to-trot attitude is that he gets extremely excited about hitting the streets. He gets so excited that he makes it nealry impossible for me to leash him so that we can go for a walk. I am not one of those dog  owners that lets her dog go unleashed out on the city streets, That is dangerous for everyone involved. Thus, he needs to go for a leashed walk. And, he knows this. He is a very smart dog. He is one of the smartest breeds, supposedly.   But he cannot help himself. Despite his brains, he gets too happy and cannot stand still. He goes in circles and circles as I try to leash him. Eventually I manage to do so, But it can take more than a minute, at times.


I laugh, however, at the whole situation. First off, he is super cute when he is so excited. Second, I want to be that excited about something. I love that enthusiasm and zeal. Don’t we all want to look forward to something that much?  His uncontrolled enthusiasm makes me smile and feel a craving for uncontrolled happiness. I want to run in circles and pant over a possibility. And, that is why dogs are so wonderful.  Enthusiasm. Unbridled enthusiasm.

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