Being in the business of what is possible


This past week, the International AIDS Conference held it’s biannual worldwide event. It’s a time for cutting edge scientific and advocacy presentations and discussions. One of the speakers-a frequent speaker-was former US President Bill Clinton. He noted that those of us in the HIV field are in the “business of possibilities.” And, such a statement stuck with me.  It resonates with me in more ways than one. I have always been mission-driven. Not just for myself but in the work that I do.


Lately, however, I have found all around that being mission-driven can be really hard when there is obstacle after obstacle. Plus, I have been coming across people who just are not all that mission-driven, let alone driven. What a world. A tough world for those of us that want to believe. Yet, we can still believe.


I came across these beautiful tiaras and headbands at a Pirate festival. Don’t ask.  But in looking at them, I thought of how as kids we do believe in a world of possibilities. Or so, we often did. Childhood, was most certainly, not easy for me.   Yet, resilience and an odd optimism meant I believed in possibilities. I must still have that in me even if I don’t always remember. Even if some days are crazy and get away from me. I mean, I did a vision board at the beginning of the year. It must mean I still have it in me to dream.




The landscape all around us have these bits of surrealism and fantasy. We just have to allow ourselves to be taken in by the possibilities out there. Even a curmudgeon New Yorker like me can see and feel that.  Well, of course, we do grow up in New York being told that is we can make it there, we can make it anywhere.

I welcome your thoughts

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