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Revenge is a dish best served cold for an impatient, yet patient person


In life, I have had to be patient. Not much came fast or even on a timely manner to me. So, I learned to bide my time for things. The funny thing is I actually have no patience at all. I love instant gratification. But then again who doesn’t? One can be patient but appreciate a few things at a faster pace.  It’s like how my love of good rum doesn’t preclude me from drinking some run-of-the mill rum every once in a while if it hits a much needed spot.


Anyway, I am an impatient patient person. And I am ok with being complicated, nuanced, and contradictory. It’s a bit related to how I am an extroverted introvert. A lot of people don’t believe that I am an introvert but I so am. I am also a bit of an extrovert when it it is needed. If you are an impatient patient person, at times you have to be an extroverted introvert. Get it?   If you ask me, it all makes sense.


Anyway, the other day I was at lunch with my colleagues when I decided to turn everyone out. Thank god for Buzzfeed quizzes. I looked as if I was working hard on answering an email but I was trying to figure something important about myself. Actually, for the life of me I cannot remember what the quiz was about. And, you know what? It doesn’t matter. It never matters what the quiz is about. It’s just the silly result that matters as it gets you to either laugh, start a conversation or maybe reflect. But who needs that last part? Really. This world is tough enough as it is.


Nonetheless, I took this quiz and it made me laugh. Which in turn led to people asking me what was so funny and thus a conversation around my quiz finding ensued.  Then they all looked at me as if I were a bit nutty. I have no idea why that was the case. I had already presented such a side to myself ages ago.


I shared with the group that the quiz found that I was mots like Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. some didn’t know about that character. Which just floored me. I suppose not everyone watches Game of Thrones. But I would think that perhaps some bits about the show had seeped into pop culture penetrating even those who do not watch the show. For example, who doesn’t now know the term “red wedding“?   Or that dragons will play a big part in the show? Or that Arya Stark was a girl on a mission of revenge and that she keeps a list? When I explained this, everyone showed some fear. And, I laughed. I don’t think it was a maniacal laugh but maybe I am not a completely unbiased reviewer of my demeanor. And, it just so happen to be that I was re-watching the show Revenge where every episode noted that revenge is a dish best served cold; in that vengeance is often more satisfying if it is not exacted immediately.


It’s a phrase and sentiment from other pop cultural works such as Dangerous Liaisons,  The Godfather, and Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn Yet, we also know that revenge can be all consuming and cause self-inflicted harm.   As philosopher Francis Bacon noted “A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green”.  But we often don’t care about that green, pus-field wound.  And, while I don’t know if I need to believe or pursue revenge, I do find it fun to think that others believe that I do.   Part of me thinks, that is even more fun than trying to get revenge.   Perhaps that is too meta. But isn’t a best defense a good offense, even when you are not really engaged in such an effort?




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  1. Ron zacapa 23 anos Guatemalan rum. Now as to revenge! Oo I can’t kindly say most of how church experiences went overall was hunky Dory so, when without fail! I learn many troubling ones enjoy or did prison. A few drunken fatal tree climbing… or other life ending activities …. I’m like I suppose if I felt wounded I’d have to cheer I was truly rewarded Justice!!! But heh no not really I still got held up out my front gate and the case was unsolved and swiftly.closed… ahh justice. ;). Or do I make ‘bacon’ and thus fester my own sense of justice/injustice? Oddly facing my latest sagas yaya I’m sure this is joy to share but in a way it is! It seems to me facing gambled all and here for now will lose! (Is it really?) every facet of the goal? Well I’m reminded that strength is recovery and independence is a beautiful thing… but my first world issue isn’t this drama! Oh no! Someone just shared some of those addictive Pb pretzels snacks and I’m like out and jonesing like a crack fiend. Hee hee. Smiles blackened or served cold as thee pleases. I hope you pop on a Marlowe and zone out.. but would you consider some Nova Scotian boullard brand calvados? It’s a nicely nice yum against rum but harder to get save through Internet ugh methods


  2. I am generally too old to care about revenge (and have no energy for it), BUT… I would love to see all the people I tried to get help from while publishing realize (preferably Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Ms. Karma) that they missed a big opportunity.

    Other than that (and that one’s professional as much as personal), I’m good.

    Life is too short to spend it on other people if you don’t have to.

    Glad I found your blog – interesting stuff, and more to read for a while.


  3. When you said extroverted introvert, I thought you must be some sort of NF type from the MBTI system. It’s quite surprising to see Arya Stark who is an ISTP because you’re writing gives me Jon Snow vibes lol.


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