Pet peeve: Birthday cake is served at the end of the party

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s birthday parade. Birthdays should be as joyous as possible. It’s a day to be grateful for life and to feel connected to the universe. I like birthdays. Rather, I love birthdays.

But here I go with a but…

While I love celebrating birthdays, parties are a bit of torture to me.  It is great to enjoy the moment and cheer on the birthday guy or gal. However, why must the cake always be at the end? Why can’t we have cake right at the beginning?

I have attended a few birthday parties lately and I have been ready to leave at a certain set time. Inevitably, I am stopped from leaving because the cake hadn’t been cut yet. And, happy birthday hasn’t been sung yet. I don’t eat cake. Thus, staying till the cake is cut is an exercise in futility for me. I have already cheered the birthday person on. I have already given them my gift. I have already mingled. Then I am done.  I know. It’s not the end of the world. And, I do have fun singing at the end. Thing is, I also like to eat dessert before dinner. If I had my way, I would place my order at restaurants that way.   I suppose, for me, it is about instant gratification. Oh my. There you have it. It is not that I am a curmudgeon. It is just that I like things when I like them.


With that bit of insight into myself, I am now going to go order some birthday gifts for the next set of upcoming parties.

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  1. My husband is with you on the dessert first business. My pet peeve is having to weight until the cake is cut at a wedding before getting to go home. I was at a wedding once where they didn’t cut the cake until 11 pm.


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