I’m always hopeful when it comes to fudge

I like to travel a lot. This past year, my travels have sadly slowed down a bit. I love going to big international cities. I also like going to small towns. Those I have been traveling to more this past year. I’ve been to Solvang (a dutch town in California), Palm Desert and Temecula to name a few.

I have a weird habit when I travel to these towns. Well, it’s not weird in general. In these small towns on my way out from them, I inevitably stop to buy fudge. Many people do that. Thus, that’s not the weird part. See, here’s the thing. I don’t like fudge. Often fudge comes in numerous varieties of chocolate. And, I am not a chocolate fan. I prefer lemon, lime and tarts. Despite that, I still stop and buy fudge. Yes, they have maple and walnut flavors and those overall are good flavors (in my view). But there’s something about fudge that I just can’t stomach.

Despite all the reasons to not buy fudge, I go ahead and buy it. Often more than one. Why? Because I have hope. Fudge reminds me of my hopeful side. Each time I buy it, I think that maybe this will be the time I like it. I tell my son all the time, it is easy to try something once. But it is more important to try it twice. And, with fudge I try it over and over again. Because I’m open to life’s possibilities. I’m thinking I should start a new fudge line of products that come with a fortune cookie or a hallmark card with positive messages.

This weekend I am off on another small town adventure. Let’s see what the fudge brings me. And, may the fudge force be with you.

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  1. Sorry to correct you, but Solvang is Danish which I think is quite a bit different in many ways from Dutch. Not that I would necessarily know personally, but I do believe there are historical and cultural differences.


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