I don’t care much for biographies but Bohemian Rhapsody may change my mind

I am one of those odd ducks that likes to read the ending to a book first.  You would often have caught me in the aisle of a bookstore sitting on the floor reading the last few pages of a book. Then I would decide whether to buy it or not. Strange, I know.  But if you think about it we have been conditioned from an early age to know the endings of things. Who didn’t know how Romeo and Juliet ends before reading it?  It is what it is .  Anyway, I like to know, more often than not, how a book ends before I start reading it.   Taking that into account, it is quite odd that I do not like autobiographies. With an autobiography, more often than not, you will know how it ends.   Assuming that you are buying an autobiography due to interest in the individual at the heart of the narrative. But it is that very fact that makes me dislike autobiographies. Go figure.   The same holds for biographies in general.

There have not been many autobiographies that I have read that I like.   As a matter of fact I can not think of one. In terms of movies, I tend to also not like films based on a true story. Well, let me rephrase. There are many films out there supposedly based on a true story that have nothing to do with reality and thus don’t really count as a biography.  Anyway, my original premise still holds.

Now, I have been going to the movies a lot lately. Well, a lot for me. As a result I have seen a ton of movie trailers. I am somewhat excited for this summer movie-wise. Well, I am lukewarm which is really excited for me.   I just have not been thrilled by the summer movie selections as of late. But this summer holds some promise. Maybe I have finally lowered my standards. Anyway, one movie I am hopeful for is that of Bohemian Rhapsody. I do realize that it will not be released this summer. As a matter of fact it will be released in November which is far away from the summer blockbusters. So, work with me here. Anyway, in watching the movie trailers at the Han Solo movie, I actually got excited for this biopic.

The trailer entices you with the all-too-familiar beats of the epic songs by Queen and Rami Malek looks like Freddie Mercury in terms of the flair. I never saw the Live Aid concert that Queen just rocked. But I have always heard a ton about it and seen clips. I am hopeful that the movie will transport one there to that important moment in time and that you can feel a bit of that electricity. I don’t know whether such a film would be shown in 4D-probably not as there won’t be car chases and such-but can you imagine if it were?


I am trying to be hopeful and will eagerly await this film’s November arrival. Hopefully, I won’t get jaded between now and then, by the summer movies.   There’s got to be something good this summer, right?

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  1. If I inadvertently read the end of a book I wouldn’t bother reading it. Which makes no sense because I have figured out that nothing I read, or watch on TV, ‘sticks’. I got 256 pages into Cider House Rules before I realized that I’d read it before. That, of course, was years and years ago so at least I know it’s not an old age thing, and I’m consistent since I still bring home books from the library and it’ll turn out that I’ve read them. It doesn’t usually take 256 pages though. I never know who the artist is when it comes to the songs that I can sing the words to on the radio. My husband always knew who was singing, and he could place the song in time. As in “that was my song of the day when I _____”. Heard that phrase a million times. Anyhow, I loved all the songs in the trailer and I will look forward to the movie! Thanks.


  2. I often do the same. I don’t read much genre fiction, like mysteries or thrillers. For me, any story that can be ruined simply by knowing the ending is probably not a story worth reading.

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