My dear son: You cannot become a troll

My son and I have a nice nightly ritual. We pick a show to watch together that we then deconstruct.   It is fun to hear my nine year old son’s perspective on plotlines.  He may have a future on scriptwriting.  One show that we have had a blast wathcing together is Trollhunters. It was created by famed Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro.  It is an animated series that is both for adults and kids. It is extremely well done, with great voice acting, animation and plots. There was hardly an episode that we felt was a filler one. Everything built upon the other. Some adult primetime shows could use such execution.

The show is about a 16 year old kid named Jim who comes to find out that he is a Trollhunter. The first human one at that. The show focuses on him and his friends, trolls and humans alike, and how he becomes a hero. It has run for three seasons and very respecttfully handled the death of the actor voicing Jim.

With that said, here are some spoilers ahead. For the majority of the series Jim doesn’t tell his mother that he is a trollhunter.   She notices changes in him but they don’t come to terms with his status as a Trollhunter till the third and final season.  I told my son that I would like to know if he ever was a trollhunter. I wouldn’t want a major secret to come between us.  He thought it over and eventually agreed that he would tell me if he were ever to find out he was such a hunter or superhero.  That is a major pet peeve of mine across all these superhero movies and shows. Why can’t the hero let his mom know? I wouldn’t try to stop my son. I would do just the opposite. I would help make sure that he had all the tools he needed.

Now, here is a major spoiler alert. In order to fully become a hero, Jim must make a major sacrifice at the end and become a troll. He gave up food, daylight and looking human to save the world. Now, while I would support my son in his superhero endeavors, I just would not be able to bear such a sacrifice. That is what I told my son. I asked him if he would become a troll to save the world and he said that he needed to think about that.  Yes, it is a silly conversation to have with my nine year old son. But we have fun discussing these plot points. I also feel that it helps bring us closer in that he sees I want to know what he thinks.  He noted that if he does become a troll, he would still live with me. That is something, I suppose.

I welcome your thoughts

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