The liberating beauty of a kid not running in a straight line

We went on a quick weekend trip and it was such a grand reprieve from the grime, sadness, and fake glitz that is Los Angeles. Ah, why did I even start off with that bit? It’s quite silly of me to have done so considering that is not at all where I wanted to end up or even consider for today. But there. I stated and there’s no takebacks. Although, it seems that everyone online seems to believe you can just delete some words and all is forgotten or not even digested. But now I’m really venturing into a whole other pool I care not wade into.

While I was enjoying some time away, I had a moment of zen and clarity. I actually had a few but just wanted to touch upon one here. See, my son was running around like a madman. That’s typical for a nine year old. And, as he was running around I noticed how he often doesn’t run in a straight line. The kids around him were also zigzagging about. This observation is not grand theory of relativity. Most people also know this about kids and their playing behavior. Of course, I have noticed this previously, well.

But I was struck by how fun it was to run around like that. I want to zigzag around everywhere. Some people might care and notice. Others, especially, in Los Angeles, might be nonplussed by such behavior. But in watching him run I felt a twinge of nostalgia and longing for days unencumbered by having to run in a straight line. There’s freedom in a zigzag pattern of being. It’s like this building’s facade.

This pretty known building is beautiful, mesmerizing and draws one in. It makes you want to dance in a freestyle manner. My son and I went to one of these interactive exhibits that catch your movements. We danced like crazy and he ran all around the room in circles. It was a beautiful aura.

Again, Springsteen was right in wanting to run. And, I say run freely unencumbered by norms of what is acceptable presentations of joy.

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  1. I enjoyed your wave of thoughts…your roaving run through the greedy waves of childhood as they lapped upon the shore of adulthood letting you recall the vibrancy and freedom of youth…you awakened that feeling in me too and I thank you for that. I like that you simply wrote a short spiel of thought and I’ve been trying to shorten my writings myself.. as it is not only tiring to write long-winded sharings it is arduous to read them I am sure. 🙂 *er….now did you want me to edit? There were two small errors…unless they were meant which is always a possibility…one was in the title runing needed another n and the other was in the 3rd paragraph under the photo of the child running..’.might me nonplussed’,… I think that needs to read ‘be’. I really worried over whether to send these corrections but erred on the side that I would prefer to know if it were me..I think one can write however one chooses and spell however one likes, it is just when there is an obvious editing problem that I think to intervene.. I send them humbly not with ‘tude and hope you receive them with the kindness they are meant….though of course these things are always touchy especially with strangers. Please know it really is meant with kindness and I was not reading to find fault, I was reading to enjoy but my brain couldn’t help itself. Thank you for sharing and again for awakening the feelings (even if only a splash of them) of the freedom of childhood. A couple weeks ago I heard a child laugh and a true childish laugh is just so beautiful…all encompassing…done without any worry of how it will be responded to…just blatant joy. Thanks again and please forgive my insertiveness. 🙂 N


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