Pet Peeve Rant: Tell me why you want me to call you

I get maybe a hundred or more emails a day. I also get hundreds of text messages a day as well as voicemail and WhatsApp messages. Actually make that over 300 text and What’s App messages on some days. I am a woman on the go. I run to and from work, to City Hall, to various meeting places across Los Angeles. Like I said I’m a woman on the go.


Yes, I need communications to be succinct and to the point. I know that is somewhat ironic considering that my writing is very much stream-of-consciousness. But there is a difference between writing to tell story and writing to communicate a business point. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be a business point. If you need something then get to the point. Am I wrong in adhering to such a philosophy and for wishing for others to be similar in such an orientation?
I know that I’m not alone in how busy I am on a daily basis. We are all doing a million things a minute. Or so it seems, as we try to increase everyone’s productivity each day, each year.


Which is why I am here to talk about a pet peeve of mine. I have not gone on a pet peeve rant in a while. I figure that I am due for one.


I hate talking on the phone. I hate getting phone calls. More often than not I am going to let voicemail take care of the phone call.  What drives me crazy, however, is when I go to listen to the voicemail message and all it says is “give me a call back.” Why should I? What do you want to talk to me about? What do you need?   I suppose that some matters may be too delicate to explicitly spell out on a voicemail message.  Understandable. But, at least give me a ballpark, a hint at what you wish to discuss.


For all I know, you may want to be talking about the latest Scandal episode, how to boil an egg or the latest profit and loss statement numbers. If it is about Scandal, I will skip that conversation being that I have not watched a single episode. Now, if you wish to talk about Altered Carbon I will get right on that. Have you caught that latest Netflix show? It is actually good. I binged watched on my latest flight from coast to coast. I’m hooked. Anyway, if you want to talk budget numbers email me. If you need to figure out how to boil an egg, Google it. I have.


Rant done.

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  1. So right! It’s about being considerate, or empathetic. We’re all busy. Let me know WHY I need to call you back, although socially I prefer face-to face. You get way too many calls!


  2. I’m with you on this but I get barely 5 calls a week. Not even spam because I use a Google number for any signups, etc. But, yes, totally agree that email is so much easier. Cuts to the issue, no bs and done deal. I like one on one with people but no on the phone so much. Thanks for helping me realize I’m not alone in this opinion.


  3. I am also not fond of talking on the phone. Communication these days, being what it is, I sometimes get calls early in the a.m., or in the midst of work- often from people whose cultures thrive on lengthy and leisurely conversations. I feel bad cutting things short, but as I said…..


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