Happy, humorous, & hueful: This year shall be a Monet

Before three years ago, I hated vision boards. I thought they were silly, useless endeavors that had no real impact. Then a colleague said that he used one to change the direction of his life. I pursed my lips in some type of skeptical stance. Yet, I was intrigued. I was at a point in my life where I needed change. I had been somewhere for a decade. If the average life span hovers around 70, that was one seventh of my life in one place. Boring! Unfilling! It is amazing that some employers still think there is something wrong with you if you switch jobs after two to four years.  That perspective is the definition of insanity to me. We have to live and experience different things. No place is worth such a large percentage of my lifespace.  But, I digress. Let me return to the topic of vision boards.

I let my intrigue get the best of me and I created a vision board. And, lo and behold, my life following that creation, changed.  And, dramatically at that. Ever since that life altering visioning, I have created one at the beginning of each year.  In past vision boards, I did have some specific goals that I pasted on. 
This year, the images I clipped from the magazines were more abstract. And, I was jazzed by it.
I wanted to go bold, big and colorful. I want to bring fun and striking poses and colors to my life. I want grand adventures and daring enterprises.  The color purple was all over my vision board.  I want cool new shoes and dresses that are fun and flowy. Pink, purple and pandemonium.  Going to tinker with my hair color a bit more to the red side.  So was snow, unbelievably. I think I am craving a trip to either Iceland or Alaska. 

While I was grooving with my vision board, my dog was a rather bit ho hum about it.  He walked over it, turned his nose up at it, and looked unimpressed. What is a girl to do to impress upon her dog the cool factor of her vision board? Maybe he was not happy about the mushroom lattes on my board or all the planned trips?  We plan on having a dogsitter for him so things should be good and not too scary for him when we are gone.   Maybe he dislikes Monet?  But who dislikes Monet? 

Monet is the perfect symbol for 2018. Well, rather his works of art. I want a beautiful, colorful, innovative life tapestry. I am excited about being excited. I am happy to be planning and expecting to find joy in small and big things alike. Tomorrow, I plan to make my second batch ever of coquito while I host yet another fun and laughter-filled brainstorming session. 
This new year shall be a monet. A brightly filled canvas up ahead. 

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  1. Just reading this has jazzed me up a bit (I’ve been feeling very stuck lately, not to mention unmotivated and uninspired about the year ahead). “I want a beautiful, colorful, innovative life tapestry.” – I want that now too. I think your Monet is a fantastic idea (and puppykins is obviously disappointed to be left out of plans and travel!) x


  2. As a Monet fan myself, I heartily approve of the analogy. Following your example, if I don’t make as much “progress” as I’d like this year, maybe I’ll try the vision board thing myself next year.


  3. I love this post. It’s an amazing thing when we step back and ask ourselves what speaks to us, not what we ought to do, but with what we connect. I love the idea of the vision board.


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