The sad part about being sad out west: There’s no leaves lying on the ground


Admittedly, I have been a bit down lately. I’ve been down in the dumps. There have been so many horrific things being reported on in the media, so much heartbreak in world events, and just a ton of sad things occuring in my life. A girl, even one as generally happy as me, can get a bit down. It’s normal. I know that and accept that.  I’m not necessariily worried about my feelings of sadness. I have been blessed to have found so many spots of happiness in my life despite a rough start in life.  I have a lot of gratitude for those happy moments.  And you know what? The hard moments bring eventual clarity.


Now with all that said, I must admit, it is a bit hard being sad out west in the autumn season. Why, you might ask? Well, there are no leaves lying on the ground. There are no leaves that have turned red, yellow and orange. There are no leaves on the ground upon which one can dance.  There is no morning crisp air that tingles your nose and lets you know that change is coming.   I miss that. I miss it a lot. I don’t miss snow, mind you. I could not do Minnesota. No offense . But I do miss upstate New York and New England at this time of year.


My grass is dry and brown. But that is not the same. It is the result of a drought and not of looming seasonal change. In the fall, you become wistful. You look back at what was and look to see what is coming. Winter could be coming. Or you may be thinking of a brand new year to come. You can wax nostalgic and be philosophical as to what the future holds.


I miss my New York leaves.


But I am here in Los Angeles now. I must make do. Actually, no. I must make the best of it. That I will do. I have new friends and new opportunities to go for.   Life can be good. Even in these trying times. Maybe someone can send me some leaves. Oh that would be special. Very special, indeed.


I will end, however, on a note acknowledging what Los Angeles (or Southern California in general) does have. I came across these beautiful lily pads at San Juan Capistrano. Such a sight does, indeed, help bring tranquility.   And I share that here with you. Enjoy. I aim to please.

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  1. The fall changes are glorious. I embrace the cycles of nature now. Living in Minnesota, I am a native of Southern California. I miss the ocean. That region is really a desert and for the most part doesn’t get rain except in the winter. All the water has to be channeled there from the mountains. I love that it is green here all summer. It comes at a price though, cold snowy winters.


  2. I do miss not having the leaves, and the brilliant colors. I grew up in the Midwest, and liked the changes in the Fall, but as the sun started its winter slant, I would get so depressed, because I knew the snow and cold were not behind. Out here in California, I now look forward to the fall, because the rains (hopefully) will be here soon, and everything will be green and lush again through the winter.


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