Wagging his tail in his sleep: What a warm hug

When I was younger I had a kitty cat named Princess. I was severely allergic to her. I was asthmatic and sneezed non-stop when she climbed onto me. While i had a complicated relationship with my cat, I still liked her. To this day, I have no idea what happened to her. Now, while I liked her. I longed for a dog. Although, admittedly many neighborhood dogs scared me. One time, as I walked to school slipping and sliding on the ice, a large dog came up behind me and stole my glove. Just one. I was so scared I remained frozen in place. I didn’t try to get my glove back. Despite these run-ins I wanted a dog.

I would watch cartoons that showed doggies frolicking and being protective. I wanted that type of companion. The cartoons also showed sleeping dogs wagging their tails. What a wonderfully silly sight.

Now fast forward a few decades and I have such a dog. My little shelter dog is so happy at home, that he was his tail while sleeping. What a wonderfully warm sight. He feels safe and at home. He can dream of happy things while in the comfort of his doggie bed.

To see a sleeping dog that feels so comfortable is like a warm hug on a bad day. I can just stare at my sleeping dog all day. I find comfort in his sense of peace and safety.
As I go through my day, I will be sure to look at this photo every once in a while. May this image also bring you the sense of a warm dog.

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