I missed the solar eclipse but caught an awesome sunset

The day I have been waiting for finally came. It was six months in the making but I had to hide my time for what was right. A colleague was completely excited about the solar eclipse but I felt uninspired as my particular location was not an optimal viewing place. Many moons ago, I caught a solar eclipse in New York and it was one of the coolest experiences to have gone through.  Now that I look back at it, I don’t think that I appreciated it enough. Oh, if I could only turn back time. But back to my long-awaited day. 

Moving day came. It went but only after a very long, long day. The movers arrived bright eyed assuming a five hour job. It turned out to be nearly twelve hours and they left looking like they had aged a few years.  

I have a lot of things. But that wasn’t why the day took so long.  I lived on the 18th floor of a highrise in downtown Los Angeles.  Our biggest complaint day in and day out were the elevators.  And rightly so. The elevators were so slow and overused, that they probably added an extra five hours to my moving experience. As they packed and disassembled, I waited at the house location to unpack, reassemble and clean. I had 20,000 steps in my house that day alone. I could have walked all over Toronto for that many steps. I was exhausted and disconnected from the world. I was just focused on one task after another. My mind was in an altered state of being by the time midnight arrived. 

Now, while I am completely exhausted, I was able to take in a few seconds to appreciate that which was around me. Namely, I caught a most beautiful sunset. I needed to shower and my eyes coyld barely open and then I looked out my bathroom window. I was treated to a sight that calmed my aching body.

I caught the moment and managed to snap a photo of my first, true lived experience in my house.  I may have missed the solar eclipse but I caught my own sun show. Now, I can sleep. 

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  1. There will be another good one coming along in the US on Apr. 8, 2024. From Mexico to Texas to the Midwest to New England. Wife and I caught the one that crossed Baja in 1992 and I just got back from the last one in Oregon. I love Astronomy!


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