Marvel Universe Age of Heroes: We can all come together


While on the treadmill this past week, I noticed a commercial for a live action show that I thought my son may really like.  As such I had to make a mental note to myself that I couldn’t forget in the midst of all my work.   I have been trying these past few months to have a Saturday or Sunday fun event for my son.  Including, even the 4D viewing of Wonder Woman, which originally he was a bit skeptical of but ended up loving.  I eventually got around to buying the tickets to Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes.  He has been in theatre camp for the last three years and I thought it would be cool for him to experience a live “theatre” event that is meant to be cheesy fun.  I don’t know whether he will be an actor, a stage hand, or a doctor. I do know he will be a future Mayor at some point. Yes, that is a mother’s perogative to have such firm beliefs.
I do have a secret to share with you. As we started walking over to the Staple Center where the show would be taking place, I wondered ever so briefly what the show would be about. I didn’t look up a single review or description beforehand. I like being surprised.   That’s fairly normal, I suppose.
What I do have to share is that I don’t readily know the difference between Marvel and DC comics.   I walked over thinking that Wonder Woman would be a character in this show.   For shame!  That is why I love having a child. He knows all of this and more. He can most definitely school me on the world of comics . I like that there are many things that he can consciously and readily teach me. It makes for a sharing relationship in which we both grow with each other’s help. Too cheesy for a life lesson?


During the show, there was a lesson for all of us there to take home along with all the over-priced glowing swords and off-putting fidget spinners.   The premise of the live action show was that the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe were all going to come together to face off against a common threat.  The common threat, specifically being, Loki (Thor’s brother). I’m not too sure that the plot is all that important other than it advances a narrative that individuals from all parts of the universe can come together for a common cause. That there are bridges across these distinct groups.   My son loved the fact that these Marvel superheroes were all on one stage.  There you had the Hulk, Thor, Groot, Iron Fist, Spiderman, and the Wasp all helping each other out.   I believe that this is a precursor to a slew of movies that are about to be released that bring all these characters together. The same goes for the DC Comics side.  Now that Captain America: Civil War came and went, the differences have been ironed out. The point is that there may be differences but they must come together for the greater good. That is not a bad lesson to have out there in the universe these days.
My son was capitivated by the acrobatics, the storyline and the fight scenes. As soon as it ended, he started recapping whether certain characters had swords or not. I readily admit, I didn’t follow it that closely.  For the rest of the day, he was animated, lively and running around with his over-priced sword. He loved the show so much, he wants to go to another one of those shows.  I love when my son is so riveted by an entertainment show.  He kept screaming  Rocket’s line “holy krotak, hope he is on our side” (refering to the Hulk).   Indeed, we all hope so.


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  1. This is great! I grew up in the silver age of comics, the 60s. Comic books were the most optimistic literature out there. DC always had clear cut villains and superheroes. Marvel had flawed heroes and villains that weren’t pure evil, making them more interesting. The world was always saved but once again Marvel was a bit more creative. They were more willing to kill off a “good guy” (in the most noble way) Sometimes you’d see alternate universes where the ending was not so happy and they included real world problems like racism and poverty.

    All these Marvel characters (and more) are coming together for the “Infinity War”, where Thanos attempts to seize all of the infinity stones for himself to become the ultimate power of the universe. You saw him in GotG and in the first Avengers.

    The DC characters are coming together in the Justice League. Eventually, their big bad is going to be Darkseid. Instead infinity stones this guy is going for power boxes. They have taken a cue from Marvel and the DC heroes are no longer as unconflicted as they were. Darkseid reminds me of Thanos (brief shot of him in Dawn of Justice) and instead of Loki to help he has an uncle named Steppenwolf and instead of Skrulls he has “parademons”. I think DC is just copying Marvel.

    At least they got Wonder Woman right. The original Wonder Woman could stand toe to toe with Superman and slug it out. The sword and shield were uncommon in the comics but she used them occasionally. Swords are killing weapons and DC didn’t want their heroes ever to kill back then.


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