Finding the earth in Hong Kong

Stereotypes of cities abound. For many, there is the incorrect perception that New Yorkers are universally rude and unhelpful. But it just isn’t so. Don’t take my admittedly biased word for it. There are studies out there showing New Yorkers are extremely helpful. We are just rushed. We will help but we need you to tell us succintly what you need.


Stereotypes abound.


I went to Hong Kong without having thought much about it as I worked like a dog months beforehand.  I had no real time to plan. Which worked out just fine as Kong Kong is very easy to navigate. Because I am a science fiction fan, I did have some preconceived notions of what Hong Kong would be like. I imagined skyscrapers everywhere. I was right. I imagined an abundance of good food. I was right. I imagined hectic city streets. I was right. In certain respects.


One of the greatest things about Hong Kong as a tourist was the fact the small and big temples abounded throughout the streets. There were grand temples and there were tiny ones that were part of the social fabric. The little ones were intermingled within residential complexes bringing a spiritual serene sense to all corners. Yes, the streets were hectic but there simultaneously was serenity. And it was a serenity that tied you to the earth amidst all the looming highrises.

And within the temples was a grand bounty of food offered at the altar. Again reminding one of harvests and needs of those around one.

I contrast this feeling of earthiness and serenity to the more obtrusive chaotic feel of the 17 cities in which I have lived, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I would love to live in Hong Kong so I can see if this feeling dissipates or stays on in the daily grind.

Question is: is there a a healthcare center in Hong Kong that needs a new CEO? Hmmm…to dream. To dream.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Blog That Would Destroy the World and commented:
    Serene temples big and small between the bustle: sounds like serene chaos with offerings


  2. What a great juxtaposition of cultural traditions. You might want to direct your L.A. home search to areas where such small and natural shrines exist. I’d bet there are at least a few there!


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