But mommy will worry

Sometimes you overhear your kids say the darndest things.  Sometimes you overhear them say some really smart things. Sometimes you hear them say the sweetest things that stick in your heart and mind. My son does all of the above. Each day I am a bit stunned (although I know I shouldn’t be) at how much he knows about the world. My son already also knows how to deliver a burn. It cracks me up.   As a New Yorker I am proud. You have to always be prepared to deliver a witty comeback. He is definitely on his way to quick repartee. We may be currently living in Los Angeles but he has to, at the end of the day, be a New Yorker.


But I have digressed just a little.


I was taking a bath a few hours ago trying to soothe my muscles and think of the game plan for the next day. Even in a bath my mind keeps going. I would, admittedly, be so bored just soaking in a bath. I email, write and text when in the bath. I get things done while my muscles supposeldy heal and relax. Not too sure my body is doing that but I will go with it why not?


While in the bath, I overheard my son “but mommy will worry.”  My ears perked up and a smile came to my face. My heart was a flutter.   He was considering not sleeping with a shirt on. He then noted that he would be just fine as the room was relatively warm to him. However, he also noted that I would worry. I am not too sure that I would have worried in this situation. Yet, I was so happy that he stopped to consider how I would react and feel.  I was touched that he took into acccount my concerns for him. I was joyous that he thought ahead and anticipated possible scenarios.  Can this type of thinking on his part stay forever more? I don’t believe my worries will always be top on his mind. Thus, I must cherish this moment and record it in my brain for posterity.


I know that before I know it he will be a tween, then a teen and then a young adult. All the while taking more and mroe independent actions. But if I can remind him of this moment where he he thought of my worries, perhaps I can provide a steady hand for him throughout life.


This quick moment is now forever etched on my brain and will power me through the tough times ahead.   He knows he is loved and that I fret. That I will fret. We are each other’s blankets of security.  I can sleep a little better tonight.

Hong kong_april 12 2017_day 4_nunnery walled city nathan rd 179



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