First ten minutes of your day: Daydream, strategize, catch the sun

I’m a light sleeper. A really light sleeper. I use earplugs and the television to mask any other odd  sounds . My dreams, as a result, are wild as I embed my environment into my sleepy mind. I would even say I continuously engage in lucid dreaming. Thus, in the morning when I wake up I want to both stay asleep to see what comes of my lucid dreams and I also want to wake up because of my restlessness. What’s a girl to do?

I rub my eyes, reach for my phone and stare at it for a few seconds. I stare at nothing in particular on my phone. Then I decide to check my twitter feed to see what is trending. The other day, I woke up at 3am and decided to see if i could have a Twitter conversation at that time with Donald Trump. I like the fact that he is up randomly posting tweets. I don’t feel so alone in the world. I kid. I jest.

I used to turn CNN on first thing when I woke up. But I don’t like the screaming matches at 6am. I live in Downtown LA. I can experience a true screaming match on the corner downstairs and it is customized. Anyway, now instead of CNN I turn to Twitter and get a sense of the craziness in the world. It’s great to know what awaits one.
After I peruse my twitter warnings, I decide whether to work out in the morning or evening. The day completely turns on this decision. So, you have to look at your work meeting calendar and determine whether you will need to get energized in the morning or work out your frustrations of the day at night. This is crucial to figure out.

After I think about my exercise options and day ahead, I grab my phone and head to the window. I then stop and look at the scenery and just take it all in. Then I take a photograph of the sky. I do this everyday. There’s nothing more empowering and self-healing than just being one with the world around you. I just love looking at the sunrise. Sadly, I hardly ever catch the sunset as it just happens too quickly while I’m embedded in a series of meetings. Because of that, I make sure to look out my window every morning.  This might sounds cheesy but one has to try to admire the beauty in one’s life and soak it all in. Nothing is guaranteed to last forever.

After I photograph the sky, I check on my son. I hug him tightly and feel grateful for yet another day with him. Nothing sweeter than hearing a young, high-pitched squeaky voice wishing you a good morning while demanding a 101 things. I smile and welcome all his requests.
I finally go drink the first of my two cups of coffee before 8am. I sip my coffee and dream of being in Hawaii. I go to a happy place in my mind. Daydreaming is a nice treat with which to begin the day. It shouldn’t just be for some random time in an afternoon.


My day ahead  is set by my first ten minutes of the day.  I daydream, I catch a sunrise, I get caffeinated. I strategize my exercise and workplace tactics for the day. That is a lot of good stuff those first ten minutes. If only the rest of the day were just as productive.



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