Going to sleep dolled up: waking up a hot makeup mess

This past weekend, I got to play dress up. I’m one of those ladies that almost always wears a dress and heels to work. I wear dresses on the weekend as well. I love gettimg dressed up. Yet, I don’t tend to wear makeup. I’ve got pretty good, soft skin that I have been able to keep as such because I don’t wear makeup. I saw my family members, at times, get pot marks on their faces that I attributed to the amount of makeup they wore. Thus, although I have more than a hundred pairs of shoes, my makeup arsenal is quite small. 

The last few months I have started to wear some makeup. I’ve been using a bit of eye liner. Actually, I’ve become obsessed with eyeliner. I went and got brown and purple eyeliner.  I think my obsession comes from wanting to seem taller, more striking, and intimidating. I have no idea why I feel that eyeliner makes me more intimidating, but I do. I have no idea why I want to be seen as more intimidating, but I do. Actually, I have a few theories as to why but that is way too long of an issue to get into. Anyway, regardless of why, I’ve been experimenting with eyeliner. 

This past weekend, I had a huge gala event to attend. Well, not only to attend as I was, for all intents and purposes, the hostess. I wore a gorgeous purple flapper-like dress with cool shoes. I then went in for the kill and got my face (makeup) done. I got all dolled up.
The evening lasted long into the night with me finally calling it at 4am. I was so tired that I didn’t bother washing my face before I went to bed. The horror! I was all dolled up when I went to bed and woke up a mess with eyeliner smudges galore across my face. I looked like I got into a boxing match with Tonya Harding. I say Tonya since my knee muscles are torn as well. What a show my morning face was.

Now my morning face was not a tragedy. I had water, soap, and a washcloth. However, my morning face did remind me of how sometimes we go to sleep thinking all is right with the world and then we wake up knowing that the world is ducked up. How many times have you thought you had done extraordinarily well to only come to find out you had failed miserably whether on a test, a work presentation or out on a date? You go to sleep or leave a meeting thinking you had looked good -you had been dolled up. Then you realize you actually looked like you had ransacked a makeup counter. It happens literally and metamorphic ally.
In terms of current events you have a similar situation with the debates. You may end the debate thinking you knocked it our of the park. You shake hands and smile. Then you go to sleep and the media and polls give you a different bit of feedback. Thats the smudged makeup effect. 

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  1. When you don’t usually use makeup you feel overdressed when you do use a little eyeliner and lipstick. Foundation feels like a mask. I totally get what you say about looking like you had ransacked a makeup counter. Makeup is a form of expression it seems. Makeup artists talk about giving a model a ‘look’, guess that’s how makeup works!

    But waking up in the morning and finding that things hadn’t gone as well as you thought they had, well that’s a rotten feeling, I agree. Much worse than falling asleep with makeup on. It’s too deep in your heart, which has sunk to your knees anyway, and there’s a bitter taste in your mouth too…

    Btw, I didn’t know Tonya Harding switched to boxing. Only remember her as the figure skater who got her rival attacked before some Olympics!


  2. If only the orange rubbed off Trump’s face! Bet he gets a really nasty bedhead in the mornings, though. I’d assume Hillary, being the smart and prepared woman that she is, always takes the time to remove her makeup before retiring. Take a lesson here, Mimi!


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