Why I still want my headphone jack


I hate hype. I really hate hype. I don’t know how many of you remember when there was a sense of unbelievable hype around the Segway. Before it made its market debut, many noted that the Segway would change the world. Yes, people were ranting and raving about the revolutionary aspects of the Segway. It was supposed to change the way people walked about the urban landscape. All it really did was make people look foolish for believing the hype and cops were allowed to get fatter as they bought into the whole Segway thing. Do you know of anyone that had one? Diane Sawyer notably noted “that’s it” when it was introduced on her Good Morning America segment. Yeah, truly one shouldn’t believe the hype. Inevitably, the masses do despite Public Enemy’s very wise admonition.

Now, it seems every day there is something new thing to be hyped up about. It’s either a product that is supposed to change things up (and take hundreds of our dollars) or some new “keeping it real” politician has taken up a cause (any cause).

Is it ok to say I don’t want to hear of any more new cool things? Or things that are trending?  I admit, I get on Twitter first thing in the morning and look to see what is trending I am one of those that looks to see if someone passed away or there has been a nuclear launch. Bel Biv Devoe was trending and I wondered what happened. They have a new album out. I used to love their song Poison-it was awesome for karaoke. Will their new album in 15 years be any good?  What hype should I believe?

This question brings me to the new iPhone release.  First off, let me just state that I am an android person. I have yet to own an iPhone. Yes, I am one of those that delights in saying that.  We all have our quirks. I love my Samsung, although, luckily I don’t have the exploding battery one. Whew. If I had one of those exploding phones I would have to decide between finally getting an iPhone and keeping with my silly anti-iPhone protest.

Can I ask what is so great about the new iPhone? It lacks an earphone jack. It now has airpods. Wow. No thanks. I like wearing earphones. You know why? I wear them even when I am not listening to anything. People see me wearing them and leave me alone on the streets. It keeps the odd ones away. Sometimes. I admit sometimes it alerts them to the fact that you have a portable device that can be stolen. The new iPhone is also water resistant. Now, that I can readily use. However, who knows what will really happen if fully submerged. That is a very high likelihood for me. I think I will wait this out. Its never good to be a beta tester. Let others work out the kinks of new product lines and upgrades.  Sure, you may want to be an innovator as Malcolm Gladwell described in his book the Tipping Point, but you could end up with severe burns or with a segway-like dud.

I will tell you there is one app that seems fairly cool. There is a new app called SkyGuru to help people who are afraid of flying. The app helps people by predicting when turbulence will occur. As someone who travels a lot and who gets scared, I can use such an app. However, can you imagine being 30,000 feet up in the air and the app doesn’t work?  Does the app come with a shot of Rum? Now that type of device I’d beta test.



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