I want to run and stretch my legs like a creepy aquarium creature


I am envious of this creature.

2016-07-18 14.52.14


Its an icky, slithery, ugly and creepy creature.  It is so frightening, that it could have a starring role in the next Alien sequel. Yet, I am jealous of it. And that is an understatement.  Look at its “legs.”  It is walking around confidently  to its own beat. It is in control of its motions and gait. It can walk wherever it wants, with that face, in the large tank. Me? Well, I’m not so lucky these days. 

I am currently wearing a knee brace and taking four or five medications to dull the pain. My knee, may have a muscle tear or it could be something worse. Don’t get me started on the uselessness, at times, of the healthcare system in figuring out what’s wrong with one. I have taken countless tears along with having tons of blood drawn. I’m beginning to think I’m feeding a vampire family of four. 

I have been told to take these medications and soon I will be able to get back to exercising. How I long for that moment. Today I was at a community fair, in what seemed to be 100 degrees, and I started to sweat. I was so happy since it has been over a month that I sweat. I miss sweating on the elliptical. I miss watching bad morning news while my legs power through their exercise routine. My routine is no longer routine and I am quite distressed. 

While at the aquarium, I stared and followed these creatures. I wanted to slither along. I wanted to slink along. If only I could do the electric slide. I suppose I can dream of dancing. Once someone figures out what is wrong and fixes me,  I can then dance up a storm until my next injury. I know there will be another one. I’m too clumsy and love working out too much to not get injured at some point. But for now, I’ll reminisce and hope that holds me together.

Lost in love to walk

To hop, skip and jump for fun

Oh to get going




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