Understanding our community doors on days of sorrow


There is nothing more awesome than a beautiful, interesting, mysterious door on your travels. What lies beyond? Doors also tell you a lot about the people around you? You can note who tends to hold the door open and who rushes through without even a “thank you.”

You can see a nation’s history, traditions, and past in its doors.



You can see how things once were and how far we have come.


LA Times rotunda


We can also see hope and power in the doors that either welcome or ward us off.


We also get to see the power of entry. I went to the state capitol of California the day after the Orlando Massacre and was surprised by the power of a simple and quiet act. Here at the State Capitol was a powerful sign of solidarity over its doors.



What do you put over your doors? I? I place an upside down broom by my doorway to ward off the evil eye from coming in. It is what my mother taught me to do at the age of seven. It stayed with me thereafter. Warding off the evil eye. Acknowledging love. Embarking on deals that will change history (as was showcased in the play Hamilton). It all happens with doors.

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