The most precious thing I own was $5



I have a nice jewelry collection. All of the expensive nice pieces not bought by me. And that’s fine by me. I have a nice art collection that was started off by someone else. I now buy my own pieces- often more in the absurdist art camp. And that’s fine by me. I have some beautiful gown and cocktail dresses that I have worn to gala events. All bought by me. I’ve got good taste and style. And that’s fine by me.

I have git a nice house bar with a wide range of liquors, cordials and liqueurs. Some gifted, some bought by me. I sometimes like looking at the collection and the bottles themselves more than drinking. And that’s fine by me.

These are all great and I am, indeed, a lucky woman. Well, let me take that back. I have fought and worked hard for what I have. However, that doesn’t mean I am not grateful to the universe.  Gratitude is everything.

Despite my collections, there is one thing that is the most precious to me. It is the one thing I take with me first when I move from one location to another.  I have even placed it on my office’s windowsill.

What is it?

It is my son’s first pair of shoes. It serves to remind me of his vulnerability and his need for an occasional  shoulder to steady him. It reminds me of how quickly it all goes by. It reminds me of how we all start off a little unsteady in life.



I take my son’s silly pair of shoes to keep me close to him. These shoes mean nothing to him. But to me they mean the world.

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  1. My grandfather was a village schoolteacher in Germany and I have his black bakelite pencil-sharpener. It’s one of those really old-fashioned ones that you put the pencil into and then turn a handle to sharpen it, the shavings land in a little drawer at the bottom. It reminds me of summer holidays I spent with my grandparents, with him getting his pencils ready for the next term and marking essays… and, it still works perfectly!


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