This is what I see and it brings out my New Yorker sensibilities


I am a happy bee this morning. This week I move into my new apartment in Los Angeles. It is in the same building, just 6 floors higher and about double the square footage.  I am excited to feel a bit more settled this coming week as I have been living in a temporary apartment. After living in three cities and holding three jobs in one year, I am excited to finally have a long-term lease. I am excited to finally answer the flight attendants, upon landing, as to whether I am home or visiting.

I feel a sense of liberation and giddiness.



My new apartment has a wonderful view. Some individuals may not think of skyscrapers as a great view, but the New Yorker in me is doing mental somersaults and cheers.  This view fills the entire apartments to the point that it is striking and captivating. The view becomes part of the internal apartment furnishings. The view is the equivalent of a painting or beautiful fainting chair. At night, the lights from the skyscraper take a life of their own illuminating the internal space and becoming a part of the internal movement.

As I sat there considering this apartment, I thought of places to which I have traveled that I got to see other house views and furnishings. This beautiful palace in Postdam, Germany had a wall of exquisite paintings that bring you to a different time and place. If I may, I will state that my skyscrapers can evoke those same feelings.



I also thought of my visit to pompeii where we saw the remnants of houses, alley ways and beautiful views.


How will my skyscrapers that fill my house and being stand the test of time?  Will we be a society that looks like Blade Runner and Caprica?  Will we go back to more agrarian times?

For now, I will enjoy this view and let it take up its space in my household.

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  1. I get it! and not just because I am a fellow New Yorker. I spent most of my life in the burbs until I lived on the 9th floor of an apartment building in Cleveland for 5 years. That view thrilled me, all the time. I saw the highways on the front of my apartment, and other tall apartment buildings on the other side. I saw the ever changing sky which became a background to my life, like music. I miss that place sometimes. Congrats on your new apartment and thanks for the wonderful article.


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